Be Curious about your Data

Datareporter can help with data-driven decisions through the power of data analytics. Explore your data interactively with a point and click intuitive interface.
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Business Intelligence

Make powerful reports and dashboards with the focus on interactive data exploration.Non-technical users can be proficiens and productive in exploring data patterns.Create self-described reports that don't require a deep domain expertise.Read more


Datareporter is open-source. You control both the data and the infrastructure in your cloud.Datareporter can be deployed into serverless cost-efficient Google CloudRun or a Kubernetes cluster. You can also run it with docker-compose.Datareporter is optimised towards non-technical users. However, it also provides a flexible code-first language model for describing the data.Try out DataReporter by either downloading the open-source software or installing it in the Google Cloud.Learn more


Check our documentation on how to harness the power of data and explore, query, visualize, and share data from your data sources.Check out GitHub resources on how to start with Datareporter. While datareporter interface is optimised towards non-technical users, you might need some IT support to install and set it up.Get to know Datareporter's simple modelling configuration that allows to define the BI cubes in a simple yet powerful way.